Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun!!

So all in life may not be fun, but this is not a dress rehearsal, so just bite the bullet and do it!

Biting not my favourite topic at the moment - did one of those things that are on the definite do not do list - try and open a water bottle top with my teeth - have never done it before, and I guarantee, will never do it again!!  Broke one of my front teeth, up under the gum, so best option (according to my dentist!) is a dental implant (well the option of leaving a gap didn't really fill me with joy!!).

Suffice to say the last 3 weeks have been touch and go - I've managed to nurse my broken and wobbly tooth through that time, and now only 4 more sleeps until I get it pulled out and replaced by a titanium post, let that heal for a few weeks then get the new tooth put on (got a temporary tooth whilst that happens!!)

All of life's experiences offer us lessons, or gifts, or challenges, whatever you wish to call them.  I've had a couple of challenges thrown my way in the last 18 months or so, but I'm extremely grateful and my big learning from these experiences is that what you focus on, you will get - be it good or bad.

So many of our media sources (ok, most of them!!) focus on the negative, that it can be hard to focus on the good things in your life - and sometimes the power of contrast can be put to great use here.  One of my favourite quotes - "Every day above ground is a great day", and a new one I heard the other day - "I'd rather be growing older, as the alternative isn't that much fun"!

The 2012 London Olympics was a great positive focus for the world for a few weeks, and of course the Australian media wanted to focus on the number of gold medals that the team didn't win - well how about some appreciation for these sensational athletes who actually qualified - the dedication that it would take to get to that level certainly earns my greatest respect! 

So take that little bit of extra time and make your own decision on what you want to focus on - be it today, tomorrow, or for the rest of your life!  Remember, if you're not working towards your own goals and dreams, then you're spending your time helping someone else achieve theirs - not always bad, but it can be even more rewarding if they are your goals too! :-)

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